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Brave Search Beta Visual Deep Dive!

Brave Search Beta Visual Deep Dive!

On June 22, 2021 Brave launched the new Brave Search Beta! We have been looking forward to the launch of this for some time now and I thought that I would create a series of photo galleries in order to show off the new engine. Please take a look!

Brave Search Home Page

Welcome to the brand-new Brave Search homepage! These screenshots show off the light and dark modes, as well as the settings page.

Brave Search Results Page

Using the search term “brave“, I wanted to check out the engine at work. This has a lot of features that are pretty good and I think give others a run for their money. But you don’t have to take my word for it! That’s what the visuals are for!

Brave Search Default/All Page

This gallery shows the results page that appears when you submit a search query. All options are in the order they appear on the page currently.

Brave Search Images Page

This gallery shows all of the options that are available in the Images section of Brave Search. This section is where Brave truly stands out from the crowd with its ability to fine-tune image results based on size, type, layout and COLOR. I went crazy looking at all the color results the engine was returning. Very cool stuff! All options are in the order they appear on the page currently.

Brave Search News Page

A much simpler page by comparison, sure, but it allows you to organize the results based on a time dropdown menu, which can be extremely useful. The results themselves seem to be quick and and relevant and the layout seems nice. The gallery below shows the layout.

Brave Search Videos Page

The Brave Search Videos page is one of the best features of the new engine. It allows you to refine a set of videos by publishing time, video length, AND resolution! I’ve quite frankly not seen anything like this from a search engine before. The gallery below shows off the layout and dropdown options. All pictures are in the order they are display on the page.

One Last Thing

I thought I would be remiss if I didn’t include a search for basic attention token, so here’s a couple of pictures that show how Brave Search displays the query results. I like the visual graph of the token price!

Final Thoughts

This is an exciting time for Brave! I do see some bugs in the engine that need to be sorted out, and have reported them, but overall, I see this as a massive step in a positive direction. In the brief time I’ve used the engine, the results have been lightning-fast and quite relevant to my search goals. The ability for the engine to burrow down into the results, especially in the Images and Videos sections, are the most excited I’ve been about a search engine in decades. I see huge value in being able to search for, say, apples, and being able to use a dropdown to select the color yellow or blue (give it a try!).

When Brave Search leaves Beta, I think they’re going to have a contender on their hands. Hats off to Brave’s continuing efforts to disrupt the market and provide alternatives to the status quo!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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