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What Happens to Brave Rewards If Basic Attention Token Skyrockets?

What Happens to Brave Rewards If Basic Attention Token Skyrockets?


As of this post, Basic Attention Token is sitting at $0.80 USD. Currently, the 25 million monthly users of Brave gets the advertising revenue split and a reasonable bet seems to be that those users seem to get an average of about 5 BAT per month. Almost 5 bucks a month isn’t bad for simply using a browser, I’d say. But what happens when the price per token goes up? Let’s say that BAT grows to the point that it’s $10 per token. Does that mean users would start to get $50 per month?

That would be extremely unlikely. As long as the revenue share stayed the same, you would simply get less BAT per month, but retain the same dollar amount.

For example, if BAT was $1 today and a year from now it was $5, you would simply get 1 BAT per month instead of 5. However, that would also mean that if you kept the 5 from today for a year, the value of your BAT earnings would be $25. The same principles apply whether you had 1, 100, or a thousand BAT.

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However, it is important to remember that BAT is divisible to 18 decimal places, so fractional tipping could be a thing in the future, depending on how popular BAT gets. One day, it may be standard to receive 0.001 BAT per month.

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