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Do I Need to Click On Ads to Get BAT? NO! Here’s Why.

Do I Need to Click On Ads to Get BAT? NO! Here’s Why.

The prospect of getting money for watching private, unobtrusive ads is a exciting prospect for a lot of newcomers to the BAT ecosystem. When you turn on Brave Rewards in the browser, many people assume that you must click the ads to receive BAT or to accrue more BAT.

This is not the case. Clicking on Brave ads DO NOT get you more BAT and it is not required to receive them in the first place.

A team source, CryptoJennie, writes:

[…] You are rewarded simply for receiving the ad notification. No need to click on the ad unless it actually interests you. : )

CryptoJennie on 3/19/2021 – Link

Okay, so now you know that Brave doesn’t require you to click on ads. But why is this?

Why Brave Doesn’t Require Clicking Ads to Get BAT

The answer here is simple, if a bit jargon-y: Brave is an advertising-enabling company and clicking on every ad randomly has the ability to skew the click-through rates (CTR) that advertisers get for their ad purchases. A higher CTR is desirable by companies, but a high CTR with a good conversion rate of that percentage (i.e. “How many people bought something or signed up for a newsletter after the click?”) is much better for Brave AND for drawing more advertisers to the ecosystem.

If Brave gave out more BAT every time someone clicked on an ad, the ecosystem would be opened up to abuse through such schemes as click farming and the value proposition of the ads themselves would drop because the CTR would be high, but the conversion rate would be very low, meaning that each individual click would be worth less.

In other words, Brave Ads work the best when you honestly click on the ads that interest you.

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